Restaurant Al Baraka

History : Al Baraka Restaurant

From generation to generation, when you visit the restaurant, Al Baraka, you will feel yourself the presence of a great ancient civilization through architecture art establishment with a terrace offering a panoramic view of the minaret Koutoubia, the snowy mountains of the Atlas and the history Jamaa Al Fna, and also through a culinary culture that has roots in the Arabian cuisine, some recipes date back to the era of the Abbasids, the Berber cuisine especially for Couscous, Moorish kitchen for stews and tagines and sweet and sour mix. These are of course foods that reflect the richness of a kitchen that our ancestors knew and that is present today with the Al Baraka restaurant in Marrakech.

We are pleased to present LALLA M'Barka former cook at Al Pasha Glaoui. It will suggest dishes that Pasha offered to guests as pigeon pastilla, tajine of Kingpin, chicken tagine with lemon, Tangia Marrakchia ...

We are pleased to count you among our customers.


Presentation: Albaraka Restaurant

At the heart of Marrakech's legendary Jamaa Al Fna, where the prevailing mood, story and song, remains our restaurant, Al Baraka. The originality and richness characterize our Moroccan cuisine that still stands at the multitude of influences that she has suffered but also to purely Moroccan specialties.

Our restaurant is an institution that attracts every day more people through our home cooking and festive with a home still warm.

It is still found a little touch of World Kitchen, since you can sample dishes from foreign culinary cultures. Good ingredients for moments to savor the couscous with chicken and vegetable couscous, lamb tagine with dried fruit and spices, Pastilla traditional dishes and many other ancestral to the sweet flavors and salty-sweet mixture. It's completely different from what is usually found in other restaurants in Marrakech.

1, Place Jamâa El Fna - Marrakech - Maroc 40000 Marrakech
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